GitHub Flair

Want to know more about GitHub badges? Here's a list of the most popular GitHub flair.


David is a dependency management tool for Node.js projects. The badges show the status of your dependencies and dev dependencies.

Travis CI

Travis CI is a hosted continuous integration service. Travis CI supports multiple languages including Ruby, PHP and Node.js. The badge shows the current build status.


The badge shows that the project is built with grunt.

Built with Grunt


AppVeyor provides continuous integration for .NET applications. The badge shows the current build status.

Code climate

Automated code review, quality & security analysis for Ruby on Rails and Javascript. The badge shows code rating.


Coveralls works with your continuous integration server to give you test coverage history and statistics. The badge shows the code coverage percentage.



Sauceslabs provides automated cross platform testing. The badge shows the status on each platform.


Run browser tests everytime you push to GitHub.


Analytics for GitHub. The badge shows how popular the repository is.


Various badges for NPM packages.

Version Badge

Version Badge is pretty simple. It informs the user what the current version of a package is, it supports NPM, Ruby, PHP, Nuget and few others.


Chat for GitHub organisations and repositories.

You can use to generate your own badges