Lynx - Chaos Island

Lynx Chaos Island

Lynx Choas Island was a competition to win tickets to a Caribbean Island. The competition machanic was a series of digital treasure hunts. There were seven pairs of tickets up for grabs, a pair each for the winners of the six treasure hunts and one for the winner of the prize draw.

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Nestlé - AeroMail

Nestle AeroMail

This Facebook application was built promote the launch of Nestlé's new bubblier Aero bar. Users were able to send animated balloon AeroMails to their friends and during busy windows users could claim a free sample bar. I lead the back-end development of the app using Fluent NHibernate, MVC and the Facebook SDK.

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Vauxhall Football

Vauxhall Football

Vauxhall sponsor home nations football all the way from grass-roots level to the national first teams. I lead the build of the main site as well various Facebook and mobile optimized applications. I chose to use ASP.NET MVC 3 and LINQ to SQL with an IRepository pattern for the back-end of this site and service driven AJAX with HTML 5 for the front-end.

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Simple C# Url Parameter Encryption

Simple encryption and encoding for URL parameters.

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Introducing Attach.js

Attach.js is a DOM instantiation API designed to tidy up and encapsulate attaching JavaScript to the page.

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JavaScript Equality

Many web developers find JavaScript confusing and think the language is "broken". This is often down to simple misunderstandings. This is a quick post to about one of those misunderstandings; object comparison and equality.

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About Me

I am a web developer based in London. I specialize in client-side and server-side technologies and am equally as comfortable writing object-oriented JavaScript as I am normalizing a database or writing pixel perfect HTML and CSS.

My first taste of programming was at age 15 where I started learning object-oriented concepts with the aid of Java. I have come some way since then and I now have over 5 years experience working with London digital agencies such as Fingal/John Brown Media, ID Media London and Skive.

My main coding skills are, SQL, XHTML, HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript (AJAX, Mootools and jQuery) and working with third part APIs (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube ect). I also have plently of experience quoting, scoping and leading technical builds.

I am the Technical Director of ixoxo, a digital production agency which I co-founded. We help other agencies and companies deliver projects using a wide variety of front-end, back-end and mobile technologies. I am also occasionally available for freelance roles.