Lynx Chaos Island

Lynx Choas Island was a competition to win tickets to a Caribbean Island. The competition machanic was a series of digital treasure hunts. There were seven pairs of tickets up for grabs, a pair each for the winners of the six treasure hunts and one for the winner of the prize draw.

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Tullo Marshall Warren
Facebook App

Each treasure hunt started on the Facebook hub; participants had to tweet with the hashtag #chasethechaos until the Tweet 'o meter was full. Then Lynx girl Sophie Hellyer would read out the first clue. The participants were taken to all corners of the internet playing games and solving puzzles as fast as possible to try to be the first to enter the draw.

My role on this project was to build the front-end which meant responsive HTML and CSS for the hub and all the games, as well as JavaScript for all the games.

Lynx Chaos Island - Showreel by TMW

  • Journey 1 - Find My Surfboard

  • Journey 4 - Draw Sandthing

  • Journey 5 - Torch